Executive Services

We offer a variety of executive services to accommodate your need for a professional
second opinion on real estate properties. These executive services include advanced
investment advisory, first time home buy advisory, property management consulting,
and much more. See our services below...

Helping Buyers & Sellers Make Informed Decisions

Real Estate Consulting

Real estate consulting is beneficial for both buyers and sellers looking to get a
unique perspective from a professional's point of view. Looking for real estate
consultation? We will proudly provide you with actionable advice. Hire
Manzoor Syed for your real estate consulting needs.

Helping Qualified First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyer Advisor

Our first time home buyer advisory program helps eligible home buyers find the right home, a great real estate agent and an amazing mortgage. Overwhelmed with your first home purchase? We are here to help you make the most of the first time home buyer benefits throughout the entire process - start to finish. Sign up today!

High Level Real Estate Consulting

Advanced Investment Advisory

Taking on a new real estate project? Make the right choice with
Manzoor, we will evaluate the risk associated with your upcoming real
estate deal. Our advanced advisory services include deal underwriting,
data analysis, proforma creation and real estate development
recommendations. Get in touch!

Preserve your working capital

Real Estate Financing

Manzoor proudly helps real estate investors with their necessity for real
estate financing with financial arrangements through lenders. We also offer
potential for direct lending if required. Are you interested?

We Buy Homes For Cash (Any Condition)

Cash House Buyer

Are you in a hurry to sell your home? Sell your home to us as it is! No Real
Estate Agents, No Commissions, Hassle Free and Contact Manzoor Syed to
get a cash purchase offer on your home Within 24 Hours!

Helping You Become A Homeowner With A Low Down Payment

Rent To Own

Tired of getting rejected by banks because of a low credit score?
We can help you purchase a home without an income or credit check. Inquire
to learn more about our rent to own programs and how you can get started!

Helping with Construction Projects

Construction Management

Starting a construction project as a real estate investor can be highly
lucrative, but difficult to pull off successfully. With Manzoor, you can rest
assured that your new construction project is well managed and on its way
to a profitable future. Looking for someone to manage your construction
project? That’s Manzoor Syed, let’s chat today!

Contracting & Renovations in Ottawa

General Contracting Services

Does your real estate property need general contracting services? Let
Manzoor Syed manage your minor and full scale renovations from
start to finish Including new construction, home additions and
renovations, both residential and commercial. Cost varies by type &
length of job. Contact us for more info!

Full Service Property Management

Property Management

Managing real estate properties can seem like a chore for investors with
multiple properties. Alleviate some of that built up stress with our property
management services which allow you to sit back and relax while we
manage your residential or commercial property!

For Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs

Deal Desk

Do you have a deal you are unable to put together individually.
Submit your proposal to enter into a joint venture with Manzoor.

Why Choose Manzoor Syed For Land Development

Land Development

Land development is not something most real estate consultants and
investors are familiar with, but we are. Allow Manzoor Syed to provide you
with top quality land development consultation. We're there for the entire


Public Speaking &
Podcast Appearances

Manzoor Syed is a renowned Ottawa real estate investor and real
estate consultant. Hire Manzoor for public speaking events and
podcast appearances to inspire, educate and captivate your
physical or virtual audience.

Coming Soon

Upcoming Executive Services

See what's in the works for Manzoor Syed. We're soon expanding to offer a variety of services to help
investors and business owners like you. These include Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and
Credit Consulting. Join the waitlist!